Training Mon 28/4

– Complete 4 rds of this circuit
a1) 20 squats rest 10 sec
a2) 24 walking lunges r 10 sec
a3) 30 Mountain climbers r 2 min then repeat a1-a2-a3 x 4 rds

3 rds of 500 Metre row/ run 2 min rest.

Well done to No 17 Trainer/Athlete Amy Laffan on her 1st place finish this weekend in A weightlifting competition in Cork. Sorry we couldn’t be there to support Amy!

Training 24/4/14

-Warm up and stretch accordingly.

a1)Static lunge x 10 either side
a2)single arm dumbel shoulder press x 20 either arm
a3) 15 burpees. rest 60 sec then repeat x 4 rds

side plank 3 x 30 sec either side

What do you do when your on holidays and you cant get to the gym?