Training 25/4/14

Warm up and stretch accordingly.

1 min Box step 20 inches
1 min rest 1 minute burpees 1 min rest
1 min skipping 1 min rest x 5 rds

Knees to elbows, 3 sets of max effort reps strict.

Here is a video of Coach Sophie working on her Muscle up technique, her consistency and hard work is really paying off! She couldn’t do a strict chin up 3 years ago.We promote long term progressions, no quick fixes, drill the skill work!

Training 24/4/14

-Warm up and stretch accordingly.

a1)Static lunge x 10 either side
a2)single arm dumbel shoulder press x 20 either arm
a3) 15 burpees. rest 60 sec then repeat x 4 rds

side plank 3 x 30 sec either side

What do you do when your on holidays and you cant get to the gym?

Training Wed 23/4

Warm up and stretch accordingly.

-3 sets of Max effort chins, Vary the grip for each sets rest 2 mins between
-3 sets of max effort press- ups Feet elevated onto a 4″ step/box

-500 Metre row @ 85 % rest 2 min x 3 rds