Training 11/4/14 ” Half the size but twice the woman”

Fridays Training: 20 MInute TT Choose between a Bike , Run, Row and perform a 20 minute TT ( time Trial)
Record your distance to comments. We will use this as a base to test your aerobic endurance improvements..

We got so much great feedback from Margos Pictures that I decided to post one of her blogs from the mid stages of her weight-loss journey.

Half the size but twice the woman

< can see some major changes in my body since my last blog. I can see an abs outline now, which rocks!! I thought I was destined to have rolls in my stomach forever. I fit into a size 10 dress for the first time in my life. But it is more than just the tags on my clothes that are changing, I have much more energy, My daily motivation has increased and people have been commenting that I am much smilier than I was before and seem all together happier and much more confident. My life is better!!
I'm not done yet though. Becoming fit and healthy does not stop for me when I reach a target weight or fit into a pair of jeans. In ways my journey is just beginning I am getting close to transitioning from weight loss to maintaining my new body and lifestyle. I still really enjoy pushing myself a little further each session with Sophie, helped along by the fact the guys at No. 17 have been running challenges between clients. These challenges keep the sessions fresh and work to motivate me to push myself that little bit further.
I had a surfing trip with some friends last weekend and have to say I felt 100 times more comfortable in a wet suit than I did this time last year when I went windsurfing. It made it so much more fun not having to worry about whiter they would have a wetsuit to fit me.
It has not all been plain sailing though. After my last 10k run I strained my knee which meant I could not train for a while. Because I was out of my routine and feeling a little sorry for my self, I lost control, and thought I deserved some cheering up with comfort food and ended up gaining a few pounds. The worst thing is I did not even really enjoy the taste of the pasta and bread and only felt guilty and lethargic after eating it. It was really tough to get back on the straight and narrow this time as I am so close to my goal, The little devil was back on my shoulder trying to convince me to give up but I am proud to say that I have gained control again, and am back on track.
I have been watching a few different weight loss documenataries and they all seem to drive home the same point which John flagged to me at the start of my journey. Sustainable weight loss can be achieved… all it takes is changing your eating habits, excercising more. Overtime these chages will add up, and have for me made me a much healthier, fitter version of myself.

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