London Throwdown

So here it is the weekend of my first competition of the year.The workouts were released a the start of the week 

day 1: 

ROW 1KM Time: min:sec

10 min Amrap Total Reps
12 Down ups
18 KB Swings @24/16KG
24 Unbroken Double Unders

A) 90s max effort pull ups Max unbroken Reps
B) 90s max handstand hold Time: min:sec
C, D) In 8 min 3 Cleans for total weight and 3 Snatches for total weight Total weight: kg Total weight: kg

Shuttle Sprint Time: sec:msec

The workouts are interesting and none of them are really that bad for me i.e heavy overhead, lots of HSPU etc. The 1 km row at the start is going to be a complete suck-fest and I expect to see some big times go up for that one.

I decided that for this comp I’d continue to train hard right up to the last minute. I have a lot of catching up to do on my training and I couldn’t justify taking an easy week at thi point in time. Amy Laffan and Holly Deegan who Ive been working with recently have both had big weeks training and we all agreed that this is going to be a learning weekend and hopefully we’ll be straight back into our training cycle for the open on Monday.

This week went like this,

Saturday :  Snatch and clean and jerk 4 min for each hit 75/ 102 front sq 2 rm 160x 1 

                  5×200 mtr row 1 min recovery. avg 37 secs per round.

Sunday : usually this is a long cycle but opted for an indoor 30 min  swim 30 min spin 20 min run on treadmill. p.m 3 position snatch built up to 70kg (split) met con.


Mon Clean and snatch drills, OHS-Sn Bal -Ohs Feeling a little better on this now.

Tues Max snatch and Met-con

Wednesday Max clean and jerk and Met con. 3 rm deadlift 200 kg conventional stance.

Thursday drills mobility work and light power cleans and snatches.

Today is an active recovery day with some light bar work, handstand holds and rotator work.

Really looking forward to this weekend, not just the fact that I get to meet and hang out with a lot of like minded people and friends but its also the first time since Ive set up the gym that I feel like I’m now in a position where I can start focusing on what I really want! I live for this shit, being competitive is what makes me who I am, its what drives me in business its what motivates me to train @ 6 on A sunday morning its what has driven me to make every big decision in my life. I’ve been afraid of competing for a while but making some changes in my schedule and surrounding myself with Motivated like minded people has stirred up a demon inside me again.

Bring on London!

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