Margos 100lbs of fat loss part 2.

“Success leaves a trail”

Getting Margo to keep a blog has proven to be really helpful. I have learned so much more about what goes through someones head when they have such a mountain to climb! When It shows just how much this meant to her, it shows what sort of temptations she met along the way, and it shows the dedication and commitment one needs to accomplish any goal they have!

If we could bottle that feeling of achieving what appears to be impossible how great would it be to give a new client a sniff of what that feels like.  When you’re stuck in an unhappy place it can be hard to see a way out.

When Margo wrote this current blog she had already lost 51.5 lbs, 7 inches from her chest, 5 inches from around her waist, and 8 inches from her hips. We were obviously delighted with this result however Margo was still only half way to her Goal! Read below to see what goes through someones mind when theyre 100% focused and have  had a ” sniff ” of what it feels like to know youre taking control of your life and being the best you can be!

I have had two first’s since my last blog. I gained weight for the first time since I started my weight loss journey, I had been blessed up to now in that the scales have always been moving in the right direction …that was until about 3 weeks ago, I had a “naughty” weekend away with the girls and  gained 2lbs and while that may not sound like much… it is hard enough to lose weight the first time but to have to lose the same weight all over again sucks!!  I think it was the kick in the bum I needed. I was determined to shift the weight again and with the help of Sophie I stepped it up in the one to ones. Sophie offered great advice on the diet and most of all kept me motivated and focused as I was starting to feel a bit disheartened. I got even stricter with the diet, increasing my white fish intake and cutting out red meat. My second first was at the next weigh-in last Wednesday where I was down 10lbs in 2 weeks! This was a great booster and together with a visit home and seeing some relations I had not seen since the start of the journey (who mistook me for my much skinner sister) reminded me that the hard work and diligence were worthwhile.
I had a few changes to my routine last week which meant a few exercise free days. This cemented the fact that I am now totally addicted to exercise. I still get the odd twinge of muscle pain now and again but I am really enjoying the one to ones with Sophie and gym sessions and really felt the difference on the days I missed them, they are also great in that they keep me occupied so I can not start craving bad foods.
I found a very interesting article on weight loss while playing on Google this week, it was written by Greg Taubes… As they say in the ad here comes the science bit..
Taubes claims, that the theories behind calorie counting and low-fat diets are in contradiction with what science has been proving for years about how to lose weight.
He says that a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates is the best route to weight loss. He asks us to think of fat tissue as a wallet and meals are like going to the ATM. Normally, we go to an ATM to get money to put in our wallets to spend and when we run out of money in our wallets we go back to the ATM to get more. He suggests that insulin locks the money [or fat] in your wallet [or your fat tissue], so you’ve got to keep going back to the ATM [your food] to feel satisfied. Your fat cells are getting fatter and fatter, but your body can’t get at the fatty acids that are stored inside them to use as fuel because the insulin levels are so high because of the sugars and carbohydrates we eat. So you get hungry and you eat again.
What Taubes is highlighting is the effect the insulin we ingest in the form of carbs and sugar has on our bodies and that insulin is the primary hormone that regulates fat tissue. 
If we consider that when a company makes a low-fat product, they lose some of the flavour typically to combat this they usually add sugars or salt to add it flavour back and frequently artificial sweeteners are added this means that although we may think we are being good by consuming low fat products the reverse is often true.
This ties in with the logic behind the Paleo diet that was recommended by John, and I for one can attest to the fact that it is working for me.
Keep an eye on the blog for some more posts from Margo, and the amazing before and after pictures.

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