Margo’s Path to losing 100lbs of bodyfat!

When I meet clients for their first consultation a big part of our chat involves me emphasising how the benefits of training and eating well far outweigh any initial barriers the client may envisage.
Margo has been training with us for nearly a year now , I’ve learned so much from working with clients like Margo. She’s an Inspiration to have training in the gym. When I met her first she was showing all the same symptoms that I see on a daily basis, chronic fatigue,pain, low energy, low self esteem. As she progressed with training I suggested keeping a blog so others could benefit from her experience.
Margo’s success is down to her deteremination, consistency and hard work!
This is the first of four blog posts I will be putting up over the next few weeks,we will have a before and after pictures for the final blog post.
“I have always struggled with my weight.  Since finishing college and starting work in an office, I ballooned to 247lbs and at only 5ft 2in this put me into the obese category. One of the benefits of working with my current employer is for the past 2 years they have run a Lifestyle challenge, The challenge takes place over 3 months in the summer and offers a range of classes such as stress management, self-defence, quit smoking, together with discounted gym membership.  
Last year I started the challenge with enthusiasm and was confident that I would adopt the diet and start going to the gym on a regular basis. I set out to transform my lifestyle but my motivation dwindled within days.  This year I was determined not to waste the chance again and when I heard about the opportunity for one to one classes with John Belton of No.17 Personal Training, I put my name forward.
The first meeting with John involved a look at my overall fitness level (or lack there of) as well as my diet. The first exercise session was gruelling… so tough in fact I thought I was going to collapse a few times.   The exercise routine was hard and I know I would not have stuck with it without the push from John, his approach and enthusiasm made the sessions a pleasure.  Changing my old routine of work to couch, to this new healthy one was hard at first and it took time to adjust but as they say nothing good comes easy. John has an intuitive feel for how far I can go and always pushes me that extra bit that I would definitely not go if I was attempting the routines on my own. When doing the classes or my personal Gym routine I can always lurk in the back row or give up when it gets too tough, no such luxury at the personal training sessions.
John provided me with a complete new daily diet plan based on Paleo diet principles and was always at hand to help with any questions I had. John also suggested a food diary logging my daily food intake. The food diary helps as I am conscious that I am logging everything I eat so it keeps me on the straight and narrow. The Diet does take a bit of planning but I have to say unlike a lot of other diets I have tried in the past it is easy to stick with and I have not had many cravings for “bad” foods.
I have noticed a huge difference, in my health and general mood.   At the beginning of the challenge I had difficulty sleeping, was dangerously unfit and  suffered from a constant pain in my knee from an old injury.  I was aware of all the risks that were associated with my weight, having a family history of diabetes heart disease and stroke but constantly put off doing anything about shifting the weight.  I now have much more energy and  get proper restful sleep.  Since starting the one to ones with John I have managed to fit in windsurfing, mountain climbing, Rock climbing, abseiling a lot of early morning classes and more squats than I thought possible.  I honestly could not have seen myself doing any of these only 3 months ago.  As someone who has never been remotely athletic the fact that I now manage to fit in some form of exercise each day and enjoy it is a testament to Johns skill as a trainer/miracle worker . 
I’m making good strides, trying to negotiate any bumps in the road and, above all, remembering that anything worth anything should take some time and effort. I still have a bit of distance to go to reach my overall goal but John has given me the tools and techniques I need to reach my target weight and continues to keep me focused on the end result “
Margo Kavanagh
Watch this space for part two of Margos transformation, We’ll have before and after photos as the blog progresses.
John Belton.

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