Its about time I started this.
I’m not one for writing much, talking is definitely my preffered mode of contact.

Today was my first rest day on my new training plan I’m following from the I definitely needed the rest after my 1 rm back squat (170 HB) 5×3 C+J @ 60kg, Cln Pulls, frnt squats and a nasty thruster muscle up combo.
The last workout for CF games was also released today, a thruster and pull-up ladder . So hopefully going to hit that on Sat.
I’m starting to feel some discipline come back into my training again, and its funny how that is also leading to more discipline with how I’m running my buisness.. Playing around with some Intermittent fasting as well so it may be the next big step for me with my training.
” Dont give up what you want most for what you want now” It keeps running through my mind.. its quite hard to tell what it is I actually want most, what if what you want most is not what you need most?

Its been a pretty busy week here, John O Regan set a solid time of 36:19 on the w end , he ran this as a training run with D.O.M.s , I’m just about to book my ticket to London and Portugal for the Crossfit Endurance Certs that I hope to Intern on. We’ve had some new clients in, and we have been included on the Eircom Start up buisness Youtube page

This is by no means the type of thing I like doing but like with my training Im starting to get comfortable with being uncomfortable….

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